Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today I cried a little - but only happy tears!

When I left Sweden my mother told me she'd send me a package with a book we both we both wanted. She'd ordered one for herself but when I told her I was planning on buying it too she told me she'd order a new one for herself and that I could buy the one she'd already ordered. She told me when I left she'd send me it and a pair of quilting gloves as I hadn't time to buy any while still in Sweden as soon as the book arrived.  So I knew it was coming but I was still super excited about it. However, there was the most beautiful little surprise there too! It made me cry a little because I missed my mom very much and because she knows me so well and knew exactly how happy she'd make me with this beautiful gift. 

My mother makes the prettiest little crocheted bumblebees and flowers and I fell completely in love with them when I was visiting, so she made me an adorable little bumblebee to take home. My sister and I had a ton of fun with it though before I went home =)

Once I got home I threaded some invisible thread between his wings and he's been keeping me company by hanging on my monitor.

Now when I opened the package from her today there was a small flower garden in there too and yet another little bumblebee! This bumblebee is clearly a girlfriend for my other one as she's a touch more delicate =) So now I'll be making a flower garden around my monitor because I want to look at these every day! 

Thank you mom! I love you! 

I'm so excited, I can barely wait to improve my hollow cubes and expand my knowledge on the topic =)

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  1. Hallo darling.
    They are so much fun to do and they make me happy too. This book is really inspirationel and I hope you will find it the same.
    Had a lovely day yesterday with your sisters in Uppsala. We wisited "symässan" and then we were just hanging togheter in Annas beautiful apartement.
    Love you too


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