Friday, October 27, 2023

Tula Pink La Passacaglia - Sick sewing

I started this project when I was too sick to sit up by myself and therefore unable to sew on my sewing machine. This was as they were trying to get my Cogan's Syndrome under control and I was bed bound to and from for a few years. It's currently managed as well as can be hoped, however, after three years of managing to avoid it, I caught covid! And therefore I've been bed bound for nearly two weeks again (as I'm immunocompromised I had a short stint at the hospital but they managed to get my oxygenation under control and my CT scan looked ok luckily and I got to go home). So I'm therefore taking up my "sick sewing" project again so I thought I'd share my progress here. 😊

Those who know me know I really dislike hand sewing so taking on this kind of project is perfectly insane I know! But I just LOVE the look of these quilts so it had to be tried! I of course choose to work in Tula Pink fabrics, as they're my absolute favorite!

It started very humbly with this little rosette center from her Zuma line, man this took me soo long!

It was quickly built up a little with some Zuma seahorses once I started to get the hang of things:

Followed shortly by this one, also in her Zuma line:

I then felt I had to branch out a little so then came this one with Tabby Road center and Zuma around: 

Right now I'm working on my first row of stars lying in the couch (jeez they're fiddly!), I'll share that as soon as I have it done!