Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Looking for Pattern Testers!

I'm currently looking to add about 10 new testers to my pattern tester team! Please read below to see if this is something you're interested in.

What is a pattern tester and how do we work?

A pattern tester is someone who is involved in thoroughly reading, lightly editing, and sewing up a bag before the pattern is released. A pattern is not ready to be released until after they are tested by a number of sewists/bag makers. Pattern testers are an incredibly important part of the pattern writing process. As a group my awesome pattern testers are able to give the me a unique perspective on the pattern, catch any errors and can generate helpful feedback! You also get to sew my new releases before anyone else ;)

We work through my Facebook testing group to which you will get an invite to if accepted, I post when I have a new pattern in need of testing, a post with photos, description of the bag, the skills needed and what's needed to complete it along with a deadline for the test and photography of the bag. 
And then you just comment on the post if you wish to test that particular pattern, easy peasy! 

Are you interested in being a pattern tester, please ask yourself the following before submitting an application:

* Do you have the time? 
You will be given a specific time frame to for testing (usually 2-3 weeks). Many patterns are being released on a deadline, so it is important to be sure that you have the time to commit before you agree to test. You absolutely don't have to test each and everyone of my patterns if you become a pattern tester, however, participating in a couple of tests/year is requested.

* Do you have the ability to sew something less than perfect? 
This is important because, believe it or not, even experienced designers can mess up the numbers, write the wrong one or otherwise mess stuff up. And like when in this case, the pattern designer sometimes is very blonde, it's bound to happen. ;) 
 It is important to sit down and take a look at some numbers to make sure that they make sense before you start. Remember, the pattern hasn’t been published yet for a reason!

* Do you have a willingness to read slowly and very carefully as you go through the pattern to look for typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies in wording? 
As English isn't my first language, help with readability, understanding, grammar, spelling and wording is extra important for me. And for my Swedish pattern testers, as I work in English most of the time the the languages does get mixed up for me so help with, grammar, wording and spelling in Swedish is much needed too. Nitpicking is something I very much appreciate I love grammar police in my testers!

* Do you have some way to make notes as you work? 
And an ability to share those notes – whether you send the information in an email body, as comments in the PDF document, as an word document, or a scanned/photographed image of your neatly written notes on the printed pattern.

* Do you have the time to neatly photograph your bag after finishing? 
And are you willing to let me use such photos on my website, blog posts, social media and promotional material, always with full credit of course! 

You will receive 2 of my finished patterns as a thank you for each test you make.

Does this sound like it's for You?
Please fill in the following form before 7th of July:  

Thank you all for considering! ❤️

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

You can of course sew bags on a domestic machine!

I've been more and more often in groups on Facebook and around the net been reading comments such as:

"but if you'll be sewing more than a few bags, you'll need an industrial machine" 

"you'll need an industrial machine if you'll be getting into this hobby" (of sewing bags, my note).

And this is just not true!

These comments make me sad, as I fear it will discourage new bag makers from even considering taking up our wonderful hobby! As most people can't afford, or have the room for an industrial machine.

I just want to make it clear, you do not need an industrial machine to sew bags! 

I ran my business as a bag designer using only a domestic Janome Horizon 7700 up until three years ago! And trust me, I've sewn many, MANY bags. 

Before I bought my Janome I sewed my bags on a Husqvarna Emerald 118 for years - and that worked great too! And I still don't have a full industrial machine. I do work mostly on my Juki TL-2200QVP mini nowadays. But I always test sew all my bag patterns on my Husqvarna Opal 690q before I release, so I still sew on a domestic machine too. As all my designs are intended for the home or domestic sewists.

Yeah you will sooner or later likely run into issues if you have something similar to the Lidl or Ikea Singers, as they're not built to last and you can't do basic things like adjust pressure foot pressure on them, making them a poor choice for bag making. But any decent quality domestic that allows you to adjust pressure foot pressure and you can get a walking foot or teflon foot for, you can use for bag making! 

Thank you for listening and please don't hesitate to ask in the comments, in my Facebook group or in email if you run into any machine related issues when sewing your bags!