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Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Bag in the Works!

Sometimes you just need an extra kick in the butt to get working on a project right? I found the 2016 Finish-A-Long to be the perfect such kick, or, should we call it inspiration? ;) I decided on two projects for this, which hopefully should be doable.

I've been sketching on a new bag, namely a bag I can use when going to Stockholm. I needed a bigger bag with room for a sweater or a thick scarf, while still not too big to lug around all day while out on the town =) So the working name will be the "Stockholm Bag".

This is the sketch I settled on, a simple but stylish design with big pockets and not too much fuss, as us Scandinavians as you know, usually like the stripped down, simple but stylish, and that is just how I wanted this bag to be.

I've been pulling fabrics for nearly a week now, going back and forth, changing my mind a million times and more, but now I've finally decided on this pre-quilted fake leather and some Tula Pink, you can't go wrong with Tula right? ;D

The turquoise is actually a perfect match with the turquoise in the Tula print, however, it did really not photograph like that for some reason... I was actually inspired by my pattern tester for the Daytona Bag, Cate Sjöman to use the pre-quilted fabric =)

I also have another project in the works, one that has been a WIP turned UFO since 2014 to my great shame!

I got this adorable tiny charm pack by my mother, here. And it never got further due to my strong dislike for hand sewing... But now I decided that it will be done before Valentines day and I started working on it again. It'll be a table runner.

So, both of these projects are on my list for the 2016 Finish-A-Long! 

So much fun this! Can't wait to see everyones finishes! =D
There's still a 13 hours left to join if you haven't already!