Monday, March 7, 2011

New fabrics and something borderlining an issue

So as you can see, pun totally intended. This is what happens when your order 2 yards, is convinced you've converted all your measurements and it turns out you need 2 meters. You end up 20 cm's short. So I ended up not getting my planned continuous border after all... and in case anyone is thinking "it looks like it would have been enough if she just didn't put on the other borders first", that's sadly not the case, the top itself without borders is 2 meters.

On a happier not my mother gifted me (amongst other things to be shown off later) this adorable little cutting mat when I was in Sweden and it's really making my life so much easier! Not only for cutting small stuff near the sewing machine, but for when I'm measuring borders and cutting them I can do it "in place"  really easily! Love it mom, thank you! <3

And I also thought I'd show you some of the fabric I bought in Sweden, my mother had made this beautiful drop shadow quilt top using Michael Miller's Flower Fairies fabric, which I fell head over heals in love with and with her permission bought fabric to make my own version of. Hers is in the blue color version though.                                                              
And I also bought some fabric in an adorably romantic rosy line from The Henley Studio, so not normal me but I just had to get some as Anki (a fantastic quilter, I hope she'll have a blog too soon to share her beautiful works with us), who was selling them had made a beautiful quilt from them and I just felt I had to have them.


  1. Mitt älskade hjärta!
    Det lät inget roligt att det fattas tyg för dig och framför allt när det inte är att bara gå ned till butiken och handla mera, heller!Vad bra att du redan har fått användning för mattan. Kom bara ihåg att helst sätta skuggningen på andra ledden när du kommer till feérna.

  2. Nej man blir ju lite trött på sig själv alltså. Inget jätteproblem trots allt, det var bara att bita sig i tungan och skarva, ser rätt bra ut trots allt, skulle bara sett ännu bättre ut om det gått som planerat ^^

    Nu hänger jag inte alls med på vad du menar med feérna? Andra ledden? Snälla slå iväg ett mail med en bild på dem och hur du menar för nu är jag helt lost.

    KRAM <3


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