Friday, February 7, 2014

Stash Bee Hive #5 - February Block

So this month we're making a Feather Block for Alyson who just had a baby! Congratulations Alyson! =D

Honestly, all the bias edges in this block had me a little on edge too, I almost feared I'd have to bring out my pins! *gasp of horror* Luckily that wasn't the case and they came together nicely anyway!

It was a really fun block to make so I ended up making two, packing them this weekend and hope to have them on their way to Alyson along with a little gift on Monday =)

This months Stash Stack Club brought lovely Purples, presented to you by Diana who naturally assumed I'd laid them out so nicely on the floor as a bed for her. As you can see in the photo she was shocked when  I informed her that wasn't the case ^^

The perfect purples of January:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Bia Bag Pattern Update!

It was brought to my attention that what seam allowance to use was a little unclear in places so I've updated the pattern to clearly state what seam allowances to use where, basically 1/4" unless otherwise noted and in Step 2 use 1/2" to be able to fit the elastic later (it became a little unclear with the compressed pictures in the PDF I'm afraid). Those of you who've downloaded the pattern from Craftsy will get a email notified shortly about the updated version of the pattern. Those of you who got it before, please download the new version to clear up any seam allowance confusion =)

Someone  also wondered about the washability of the bag, I'd have to say it does depend a lot on what bag handles you chose to use and what interfacing. My first Bia Bag is machine washed about once every other month since I made it, as I use it a every day. It's actually hanging to dry as I'm writing this, once it's dry I just give it a quick going over with my iron and it's good as new ^^

I also bought a little text fabric after I realized my stash was sorely lacking it  (I just LOVE this print that I bought in each colorway from the Comma line, so darn cool! ) for use mainly in Stash Bee, as it's a popular request I've realized and I want to be ready ^^ I've also bought my first bottle of Best Press Ironing Spray which I can't wait to try, as all the spray starch they have here in Malta is terribly flaky and stinks sooo much!

This lovely bundle was made custom for me by FreshModernFabric on Etsy =)