Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stash Bee Hive #5 March Block - All Work and No Play

Work is really not permitting much in terms of free time lately so very little is happening in terms of quilting and crafting. However work is going really well, I couldn't be happier with it and I hope that soon I'll have time to get some quilting done. We've however had some blackouts coming and going and during those - since I can't work anyway - I've had time to whip up a quick tutorial for a Sami Barrette which I hope to be able to share with you all soon.

Well, I have played a little, and by that I mean little, I literally made my StashBee cat block (such an adorable block! I would have LOVED to make a whole litter!) for March in lightning speed! I'm usually not one to rush through anything but this time I had no choice. I hope Rebeckah will be happy with it anyway =)
And I'm not this late sending it, only posting it here on the blog ^^

And I've also received the blues of February from Stash Stack Club, and believe me when I say that this club has been a huge help for me in being able to make the blocks for StashBee!

The beautiful blues of February

Friday, March 28, 2014

Please Share Your Creations With Us!

I'm lucky enough to quite often get lovely emails from talented ladies and gents who's created beautiful things using my tutorials and patterns! And believe me when I say that nothing makes me happier! =D

However, with my work being like it is I nearly never have time to write up blog posts to show them off! Such a pity! Which made me realize I'd love to see all of YOUR beautiful creations from my tutorials and patterns in one place where they're shared with the world at the same time! So I created a Flickr Group solely for that purpose and it'd mean so much to me if you'd like to share your creations with me there. =)

If you've made anything from one of my patterns or tutorials, or made something inspired from one of them, please add it to the group so we all can be inspired!

Not Only Quilts - Share Your Creations Flickr Group

Allow me to present just a few of the creations I've been lucky enough to have shared with me in emails recently. =) Most recently I got an email from the talented Darlene Gardner who's made absolutely lovely Fancy Folded Stars! This pattern is so versatile, you can use it on almost anything!

Shirley made this stunning pillow with the same tutorial:

Lesley Fletcher from down under made an absolutely gorgeous bag! Wow!

Françoise made an adorable, super sweet pillow!

The quilting group Sassy Sewers made a bunch of lovely Fancy Folded Stars on their very first sewing retreat! Be sure to pop over to Grandmamas Stories and see their lovely creations!

I hope all of you and all others will do me the honor of adding your creations to the group! Thank you! <3