Saturday, March 5, 2011

My very first attempt at FMQ

So, when I was in Sweden I of course had to test out my new machine to make sure it worked and also to get a basic idea of how the machine worked from Mia whom I bought it off. Mia know exactly what I wanted to try first and set up the machine for free motion quilting, gave me a quick start off and then I got to play... And it was EVERYTHING I DREAMED!

It was: 
* Exactly as difficult as I'd feared
* Exactly as fascinating as I thought it would be to "paint with a needle"
* Exactly as addictive and fun as I'd hoped!

So without further ado, here's my very first FMQ attempt =)
The little red square in the picture is what my teacher made to start me off, so that part isn't mine.

And I also thought I'd show you a group shot of some of the stuff I bought in Sweden. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there from new rulers, basting spray, markers, scissors of various kinds etc. I'll get back to this stuff as I get to try it and see how it works for me =)


  1. Ja, nog fick du med dig en hel del att börja med, det ser jag det. Verkade inte så mycket när du hade inhandlat i olika omgångar. Blir nästa inlägg kanske om alla vackra tyger du köpte?

  2. Ja min hylla för quiltsupplies räcker inte alls til längre, har nog lätt dubblat mina prylar och tyger =)

    Dessutom hade tyget jag beställt kommit när jag var borta så nu håller jag på att färdigställa min Postage Stamp quilt när ajg har någon minut över men jag hoppas att jag får tid att fota lite tyg idag.

    Kramar i massor


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