Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Quilt - KittyCats Quilted

I found this tutorial on FMQ flowers over at Oh Fransson that I just had to try so I winged it and tried it out on the black squares of the KittyCat quilt. It came out great I think apart from my inability to center the flowers on the squares, that's what happens when you quilt instead of go to sleep! I however made mine a bit denser then hers. However now I'm contemplating adding some filler around them or adding another line around them because they ended up being a touch small... What do you think?


I made a small meander quilting around the applique on the pink squares which I'm quite happy with, sure some slip ups but I'm getting there =)

I also found an adorable fabric that my mother bought me on sale long ago and I thought it was perfect for the back, adorable silly little kittes =D

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