Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilting and quilting my rainbow

So I've been working so hard on my latest secret project, and I have to say it's coming out great, the FMQ challenge has really paid off I think! I'm extremely proud to announce there's not a single bubble or plucker at the front OR the back and I'm pretty much done apart from a few small sections! *beams with pride* I can't wait to show you all this quilt!

Here's one of each  color of thread I've been using apart from the green and white which for some reason was didn't want to be in the photo ^^ It's also my first time quilting with one color thread at the front and another at the back, it's been a bit tricky to get the thread tension right but I think it's coming out great.

Diana is very bored with me because I haven't had any time for her at all and she's not been allowed to help me quilt this quilt as I didn't want to risk quilting in any cat hairs as they're such a hassle to get out. So she's been helping me "measure" from a distance and when she's done "measuring" she's snuggled up as close to the quilt as I've allowed her to get and looked at me when I'm working =)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tovas dress is finished!

My sewing student Tova has finished her dress! She was so patient with the final stages and hemmed the whole thing by hand ever so neatly! She's such a great student and I couldn't be prouder, she learns so quickly! You couldn't believe that she's only had two terms of sewing classes and that she a year ago had never used a sewing machine!


We had to take it in quite a lot, she's a very small person ^^

Hemming and hemming...

Closeup of her neat hem and beautiful ruffles.

Our classes are always so much fun and I too learned a LOT making this dress as I normally don't sew clothes (in fact, I generally very much dislike it) and it's been such a fun project! =)

Friday, May 4, 2012

You too have a dust bunny problem?

I used to have it too but I can't really think of them as a problem anymore after seeing this adorable Spoonflower fabric design by meduzy:

Isn't it the cutest fabric ever? Next time I make a Spoonflower order I have to order some of this!

In other notes, I'm very happy with my Spoonflower fabrics so far, the only things is that each of my two orders (about 4 yards each time) the fabric has been "pulled". I don't know how to describe it otherwise so that the designs are kind of wonky in some areas. For example 5 inches in there's an about 5 inch long section in which all the straight lines get a big belly and are distorted about an inch to the right, and that's all over the 4 continuous yards in two parts. A nothing major but a bit disappointing I have to say, luckily I could work around it sort of but you can clearly see on text and such that it's distorted in areas :( I can't show you as the project is still secret though.