Monday, March 14, 2011

Cubes Revisited

So I can finally reveal my very first free motion quilted quilt! =D

Suitably enough it's my hollow cubes from this post which meant a lot to me to do to show myself how far I'd come in a quite short time so it felt like a very suitable project to test even newer skills on =)

Cubes Revisited

I included a piece of our door phone for size comparison. 
Here's a closeup of the FMQ (cat hairs and everything included ^^), it's getting better and better if I may say so myself, still do lot's of slip ups but I'm getting there:

Also, in the "One Block Wonders Cubed!" book I just got there's a chapter called "How to be Escher  without being Escher" which of course had me mesmerized being a huge Escher fan. So I of course had to utilize the information given there and and draw my very own impossible shape quilt design, it was so much fun! 

Here's my sketch as it is pinned on my design wall:

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