Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Little Zipper Baggy

I saw this adorable fabric with stringed up flowers at my mothers and immediately decided that I had to create something of it! The pattern is a dear friends, Ankis and I've made many of these before but it's such a handy design that is quick to make that I can't stop making them. This was for a new friend so the M is actually not for Maria but for Marianne =)

I'm actually quite proud of the embroidery here, I haven't quilted in nearly a year so I was quite nervous to be honest ^^ She really liked it and it's now in her purse for business cards =)

On another note, it's really quite wintery here in Sweden now and this mornings ball play turned out to be a very wet and cold affair for adorable little Jackie. Whom we're petsitting atm while her owner and also the owner of the little baggy above is travelling =)

Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm alive and I have sewn =)

My life has been nothing short of a roller coaster lately, so I've not had any time for sewing or crafting really. However, when I had to buy a new laptop, the little fellow of course needed a laptop sleeve. So when I visited my mother, one had to be created when I had the chance to borrow her sewing machine and to botanise in her many shelves of lovely fabric. =)

I really love how it turned out, while it started out as "I just have to make something to cover it with and keep it from getting scratched" ended up as something much more elaborate and fun! My mother and I made up the design together as I went along that evening, and we truly had a lovely time of it despite the fact that it was very late before I finished it. I had such a blast making it and I absolutely have to make a pattern for it when I have some spare time and am reunited with my beloved and so sorely missed Horizon again. <3

Me doing the photography, however there was no sun whatsoever for days here so the quality of the photos where really not good sadly. However, I really wanted to share this with you so they'll have to do, as I'm afraid the poor thing already has seen too much travel to hold up for a new photo session before taking a turn in the washing machine ^^