Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8 Bit Companion Cube Gaming Blanket WIP

I read over at http://carolinapatchworks.com that her husband calls her "The Slowest Dot Matrix Printer Ever" when she's making her awesome video game quilts and that's EXACTLY how I feel right now... I print at a speed of a little over 200 pixels/day if I work pretty constantly if anyone wondering ^^

This project is one I've longed to do for a long time, it's going to be a set of "His & Hers" gaming blankets for me and Andreas. I started out with his, it's about 600 "pixels" (each pixel being a 3x3 inch square) in each quilt so it is pretty slow work. It's an 8 bit rendition of the Companion Cube from the game Portal which is one of the most awesome simple games ever! =)

The "His" version has a blue heart instead of the original pink which will be in my quilt. I've chosen to not use any strips to piece this as I want to be able to see each "pixel" once it's finished. Let's just say I've pretty much perfected my quarter inch seam allowance during this project and I have over 900 pixels left to sew...

This is also my first use of Kona cottons and so far I'm really loving working with them. I ordered from River Fabrics on Ebay and they where fantastic, not only do they have an extensive Kona selection and are located in Europe, but their speed and costumer service was amazing. I highly recommend shopping from them and I will do so again very shortly.

I've also been attempting to clean out my sewing area which I had some excellent help with =)

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