Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to bags

I need a new bag badly as I've been toting around my old favorite for well over 3 years now. I change her up now and then but I always come back to the old one as it's so comfortable, just the right size (ok maybe a little too small, I always stuff it to the rim) and I love how comfortable it is to just sling across on shoulder.

So upon getting the inspiration I needed from the Purse Palooza at Sew Sweetness and previous post with Miss Beau Jangles pretty tote I decided it was time to dig into my jeans pile and get started. I had this vision of one of the really popular fold over bags that you can find everywhere right now, however, I didn't find any pattern that caught my fancy so I just decided to go where the jeans took me, and a little trial end error later, this bag was born =)

It's made from an old and very loved pair of Calvin Klein jeans of mine so I figured I make good use of the little mini pocket with the tag on which normally is in the front pocket, I think it looks quite fun in the back pocket like so.

When you open the fold there's a very handy zippered pocket hidden there. 

The little elephant was a gift from a good friend and I really wanted him to come along.

Really poor photo of the inside I know but you can see that there's another zippered pocket in there, as well as some pockets for pens, my comb and what will be my my phone pocket. I was super excited to find that I had some more of the lining fabric, I thought I'd given what I'd left away. But as it turned out I apparently had even more in one of the last bags I had to unpack from the move ^^

The original shape of the bag was actually this but when I'd sewn it together like so I didn't like it at all so I cut it straight and redid it. Like it much better now =)

I'm quite happy with the outcome, really has the potential to become a new favorite =)

Sew Sweetness


  1. Den är ju kanonläcker!! Bra jobbat, raring - kommer med all säkerhet att bli en favvoväska.

  2. Greetings from Finland. You have beautiful work.

    1. Thank you! Hope you have better weather in Finland then I had when I visited Sweden =)

  3. Gud vilken snygg väska!! Så himla cool. Tänk om ja kunde göra sånt där..

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