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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Borlänge Sycentrum, going strong on their third week!

Totally forgot to post this post in the middle of everything going on, so sorry to have kept you in suspense ;)

My parents store and sewing machine repair shop has been open since the 1st of October and it's just the best little store (no! I'm not biased ^^)! <3

More fabric is constantly coming in so soon there'll be many more shelves! And now there are jacket and trouser zippers filling the empty place in my photo.

The little store window with the sewing machines in the background. They got so many beautiful flower arrangements when they opened their doors, it was so much fun!

My little Bring the Basics Bag is currently on a visit there to help promote the pattern, and while I miss it, it's nice to know it's out "working" =)

It has been such an insanely cool feeling to see my first pattern in print! And I'm also so glad it's been selling! Thanks a lot to everyone who's purchased it! <3

I had way to much fun folding Fat Quarters into different shapes that week =)

I really wish them best of luck in this endeavour,  I'm so glad I got to be there at the start and I'm sure this will be a success! =D

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Progress @ Borlänge Sycentrum!

So we've been working away all day Borlänge Sycentrum, carrying, building, ordering a ton of beautiful fabrics, and we're slowly getting closer to the big day!

We started out with getting this loaded and unloaded today, and it's just a little of it, you'll get to see on Thursday what we ended up with =)

Trust me when I say, trying to get these into nice and manageable rolls, is not all that fun! :-P

But it's is sort of doable *beams with pride*

And most importantly, we laugh and laugh! It's so much fun!