Saturday, October 16, 2021

Bonn Backpack - PDF Pattern Release!

I'm so happy to be able to release my latest design, the Bonn Backpack PDF sewing pattern is such a fun and easy sew! I've been asked for a simple to sew, no curves/no gusset backpack for a long time, and now it really felt like the right time for it! It fits my 13" MacBook and A4 notebooks without issues.

With it's rectangular, straightforward modern design it's a big hit with anyone depending on your fabric choices! Perfect for adults for work or kids for school!

It's available in English in Swedish with inch and centimeter measurements HERE!

It's such a fun sew! Seriously addicting! This one is made with beautiful flowery canvas from The Styled Magnolia and the gorgeous pearly pink vinyl is from Borlange Sycentrum.

The Bonn Backpack is named after the birthplace of the one and only Ludwig van Beethoven. Bonn is a lovely city in Germany. I thought it a suitable name for this backpack, as it would have been the perfect bag for my piano books back in the day when I took lessons. 

The Bonn Backpack is fully lined, has a beautifully faced zipper lining pocket and of course slip pockets. 

This next version is made with Tula Pinks beautiful Painted Roses print from her Curiouser and Curiouser collection. Paired with a white vinyl from Borlange Sycentrum.

Much care has been taken to the placement of the straps and bag to ensure it lays flat and comfortable towards one's back when wearing. 

It's lined with Tula Pink's "Stone Cold Critters" from her Spirit Animal collection in the "lunar glow" color.

You can see a short a video presentation of the Bonn on my here on my YouTube channel.

~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ 

My amazing pattern testers were awesome as ever and tested the pattern for me, and they have truly outdone themselves AGAIN!! A sincere thank you goes out to each and everyone one of you for helping me make each new pattern -  into my best pattern yet! 

I'm so very grateful for all your help and hard work, I could not do this without you!

Sofia Nilsson - of TRÅkärlek whom can be found here on Instagram and here on Facebook, made these two ADORABLE backpacks for her equally adorable kids! She also made matching hats from the same fabric! I nearly died from cuteness overload, I kid you not!

J Spears Design - Whom can be found here on instagram, made this gorgeous bee and copper version!

Eva Arthursson - made this stunning gray and gold version!

Helena Halvar Tall - Whom can be found here on instagram made this stunning flower version with beautiful black vinyl accents. 

Camilla Johansson - whom can be found here on Instagram made TWO awesome versions, one from her husbands ambulance work pants (seriously how cool isn't it?! So epic!) and one beautiful one from vinyl!

Tamra Morley - of Tamras Textiles made this absolutely stunning grey and soft toned version.

Anne-Le Wängelin - whom can be found here on Instagram made this awesome firey version!

Pia Jestin
 - whom can be found here on Instagram made this stunning version in soft grays and greens, absolutely beautiful!

Thanks again to all my awesome pattern testers and to Lilla My for being such an awesome photography assistant!