Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stash Stack Club - October

I got some lovely greens and yellows for October. My favourite this month is (surprisingly enough to myself, didn't think I'd like the color at all!)  Honeycomb in Sunglow - Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry. The second farthest to the right in my photo. I think it will look lovely mixed with some greys and blacks.

And since Christmas is just around the corner I thought I'd show you a couple of the lovely Fancy Folded Stars I've had sent to me during my "downtime".

A lovely solid version by Simple Living and Giving. Have to make one in solids myself one day, love the look!

A fresh and flowery version by Jane, who only has been quilting for 3 months! Amazing job!

And another beautiful blue by Aceroni:

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm alive!

Haven't written anything in a long time, haven't really had much to write about nor any time to write. Things have just been piling up the way they usually do so I've been working, eating, sleeping. Now we're also doing some home improvement so we've been plastering, painting etc in our "spare" time.

Anyhow, we did have quite a lovely Halloween, went to a fabulous party as Pyramid Head and one of the  Nurses from Silent Hill. Our friend is an Enderman from Minecraft. We made our costumes ourselves and had a ton of fun doing so =)

Making of Nurse Costume

I bought a much too large, white dress which I sewed in to fit me, and at the same time get some spare fabric for a nurses collar from as all store brought nurse costumes  where ridiculously expensive to just ruin. 

I tea dyed the dress (what an awesome way to dye stuff!) with some cotton fabric to get that old, rotting skin color that their dresses have.

From the leftover parts of the sewn in skirt, I made a collar - to make it look more like a nurses dress.

Dress sewn in, and finished with it's collar:

I made a nurses cap out of a pattern I found online here and the cotton fabric I previously tea dyed and Fast2Fuse heavyweight interfacing. I left the edges raw and cut them up a bit to make them look worn.

Coloured it in spots with a tea bag to make it look a little gross and more stained. I smelled like forest fruit tea all night ^^

Painted my shoes to make it look like I walked in blood with Pyramid Head =)

In the end I stained it all with some more tea stains and some paint with a rusty red color to give a it a little drops of blood feeling. The nurses aren't really covered in blood like you see in many costumes but I thought a few spatters couldn't hurt to increase the scary factor. I stained bandages with tea too to get a worn look and wrapped them all around my head and then colored them in places to get really creepy feel.  It took me about 4 hours to color my legs/arms/chest with white/grey and the veins and dead body bruises.

Pyramid Head

The Pyramid Head costume was the real challenge. Sooo much fun to make and sooo much hot glue used! *lol* First we cut out cardboard triangles which we tried for size. 

Then made the vision holes.

Added side triangles and some more pieces for depth and a more in game feel.

Trying on the base.

Adding more details and bottom edges.

Packed the whole things in painters tape, glueed on the carpet slip covers we used to hide his eyes but still allow him to see. Glued on some plastic pipes and the caps of some medicinal bottles for the screws and then spray painted all of it silver and black.

We made the oversized sword from and old broom handle rescued from the garbage room, cardboard and lots of silver tape.

Made his "butchers skirt thingy" from an old sheet which I tea stained and then painted with  non toxic face paint (in case you're wondering why Diana is allowed to help with the job ^^).

Tada! Silent Hill Pyramid Head and Nurse:

Me and our lovely host at the party who LCHF blogs over here:

I really hope I can get back to sewing soon or I'll loose my mind.