Thursday, September 3, 2020

 You have no idea how happy I am to post this! I found the photos to my Sami Bracelet Tutorial that were lost when bloger converted their photo storage a few years ago. However, as I found an old harddrive, this and much more I thought lost was found again and I can once again present my:

These bracelets are so much fun to make, and you can vary them endlessly! Let me show you a few of the bracelets I've made over the years. This is the Katarina Bracelet, a simple bracelet with no backing, and if you wish to make this exact bracelet, the tutorial can be found here.

This is a macramé version, and if you wish to make one of these, I have a tutorial for it here

Here we have the Katarina bracelet braid with additional 2 single strand versions of a four strand braid on the sides. 

Here's a simple three strand braid made to look very exclusive by twisting strands of tin thread around each other  and placing flat strands of tin thread around. Then it's finished with twirled strands of tin thread on each side. makes for a very exclusive looking bracelet - that's super easy to make!

Sami bracelets are absolutely not just for women! This I made for my father, it's a massive five strand braid with hand twirled leather thongs edging it, and finished off with three strand braids which I have "folded" over instead of softly bent them around each other. 

This I made for a very dear friend, it's a simple three strand braid with inlays of pearl silk in between the tin strands. It made for a beautiful contrast towards the softest, most lovely cerise lamb skinn. 

Little details like adding a slim satin band (this is actually the kind that are used for keeping clothes on the hangers in stores) between two simple three strand braids for a little pop of color makes a world of difference! The closure was also spiced up here with a little bow and using the satin band for closure. 

Here I used a sheer pink ribbon as the middle for a katarina braid, it gave such a cute effect I think. Instead of the antler button I used a heart shaped pearl. 

This I made for a friends birthday gift, it's a tie on, ruffle bracelet with a four strand braid. It's made with off white reindeer leather as she's from the very north of Sweden, so it seemed very appropriate. I think it's super chique! 

These two is one single strand katarina braid and the one on the white leather is a simple three strand braid. Isn't it so cool how you can vary these simple braiding techniques endlessly? 

I have so many more to share with you as I have mad so many of these over the years, but I'll be another day =)  I hope you'll try making your own sami bracelets! It's so much fun!