Wednesday, November 11, 2020

All About My Favourite Presser Feet for Bag Making!

I'm quite often asked what presser feet I've bought extra for my Juki TL-2200QVP mini, so I've made a YouTube video showing my favourite presser feet for bag making. 😊

It was going to be a blog post, but there was just so much I wanted to talk about, it had to be a video. The right presser foot for the job can really up your bag making game, and give you much better, more professional looking results! 

I highly recommend viewing this directly on Youtube, using this link instead of the embedded video. 

In this video I'm sharing my favourite presser feet for bag making. I'll also be recommending what feet to buy as to start with as it can get expensive to buy them all in one go. I'm in no way affiliated with Juki or any Juki shop, I'm just a fan of my machine. 

I switch feet often as I make a bag and there's sooo many great aids in the presser feet department for this semi-industrial and other industrial machines, as this machine uses industrial feet. I highly recommend investing in a few extra presser feet to make bag making more fun!