Monday, September 24, 2018

Calgary Crossbody Bag - Pattern Release!

Can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this bag!! I'm so pleased with how my crazy "flip over pocket" idea turned out! But I'm even more excited that my testers liked it!  Now I just sincerely hope you'll like it as much as we do! 

The pattern is available in both English and Swedish and has both inch and centimeter measurements, find it HERE.

The Calgary Crossbody Bag is a medium sized bag with more room than one would think based on it's measurements: 
~11 ½” (29cm) high, ~9” (20cm) wide at the base, while ~12” (30cm) wide at the top and ~5” (13cm) deep at the base. I can fit my laptop and a thin sweater on top of the regular stuff like wallet and basics. 

The panel on the front extends over the edge of the bag and into the lining, there you have a small snap button pocket attached which allows you to use the small snap pocket, but you can also choose to fold it out of the way to the outside of the bag when you want to find something in the bag, like so: 

On the opposite side you have a big zipper pocket, a number of open slip pockets and a key lanyard.

~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ 
My amazing pattern testers has sewn a number of beautiful Calgary Crossbody Bags naturally and here they all are! Thanks a million each end every one of you, I couldn't do this without you! <3
Sadly a number of my testers this time around has had health issues, moves and other problems resulting in their bags not being finished for photos despite having tested the pattern, and I want to thank you all too and say that we look forward to seeing your creations down the line.

Pia Jestin -  Who can be found here on Instagram made not one but two stunning bags! The first red cork version is just absolutely beautiful! Can't stop admiring it!

But her second, black faux leather and Marilyn Monroe one might possibly be even more fantastic! She replaced the cross body strap with shoulder straps with a smashing result! I have to make one for myself like this too now!

The straps are 27" (68cm) long each raw, and are placed a scant 2 3/4" (7cm) from the middle of each exterior piece (so just outside the flap and front panel) - if you should wish to make the same edit to your Calgary.

Becky McCoy - of Simply Memorable Bags made this gorgeous sloth and brown suede version!! <3 Look at those little cuties climbing all across the front panel! Absolutely stunning!

Lori Peoples - whom can be found here on Instagram made this absolutely adorable cork combined with 80ies cartoons (can you say - straight up my alley!). Lovely!

Eva Arthursson - made this absolutely lovely all cotton version, love how classic looking it is, while still fun with the front panel, beautiful work!