Monday, March 12, 2018

Fresno Foldover Bag - Pattern Release!!

I'm so happy to release the Fresno Foldover Bag pattern! It actually came to be on a request from my mother, isn't she the best? <3

This fashionable, but super practical foldover bag quickly became a favourite with my testers and myself. The back has zipper pocket for convenient access to the essentials, while the interior has a number of slip pockets and of course another zipper pocket.

Pattern is available in both English and Swedish, with both inch and centimeter measurements  HERE.

The construction is surprisingly quick and will teach you two separate ways to sew zipper pockets (one for turning your bag through in a very handy way) and two separate ways to sew darts in a bag.

Back zipper pocket for easy access to the essentials. 

Interior zipper pocket and many slip pockets, it will fit a laptop, and has much room without becoming bulky.

~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ 

My fantastic pattern testers has sewn a number of gorgeous Fresno Foldover Bags naturally and here they all are! Thanks a million everyone, I couldn't do this without you all! <3

Annette - Made this absolutely stunning faux leather version, contrasting so perfectly with the beautiful red! I love her alternative closure solution with the two swivel snap hooks and isn't her horse just adorable!?

Anja - whom you can find on instagram here made this awesome retro version made from a repurposed curtain! Isn't that just brilliant?  The colors are so lovely and those dots! Beautiful! 

Cheryl Wright Simmerman - of Adarra Handmade didn't make one, she didn't make two, she made THREE gorgeous Fresno Bags!! They really show the versatility of this pattern and it truly can be made to fit any taste! Everything from romantic flowers, to cool cork and all the way to the super edgy and yellow and black! I can't help but love them all!

Eva Halvarsson - of Borlänge Sycentrum  and also my fantastic mother, (from whom the idea for this awesome bag originates) made a classic black and white version, super classy and easily worn, love the contrast stitching!

Casey of JC'Mila Designs - whom can be found here on Instagram and here on Facebook made this super cool, version of upholstery weight fabric! Look at those chains and rivets combined with the flowery strap! Such an awesome combination!

Kristin - whom can be found here on Instagram made this super cool cotton and faux leather version. The awesome airplane sketch fabric contrasts so beautifully to the brown leather! Stunning!

Margareth Tai - Bags by Mags can be found here on Instagram, made this stunning striped one! Those aquas and browns are just so classic and makes for such a beautiful bag! Love how slouchy it is too! 

Sheri Ferrano - of Munkee Made made this epic cork version! The simplicity of the cork and the soimple straps makes it timeless and just so gorgeous! As you might know what a cork kick I've been on lately, this bag went straight into my heart!