Thursday, July 30, 2009

Macramé can be used in many ways

Macrame is not only for use with string, it can easily be used to make very nice designs for pewter bracelets. In the middle of this macramé "braid" is a skin glued together to make a thinker and sturdier calf without ugly edges. Will post a "how to" for those interested in making their own macramé bracelets shortly, it's a very easy thing to start with as you don't need to make a leather backing for them if you don't want as they're very pretty on their own.

Not just bracelets, introducing - barrettes!

A barrette is a beautiful compliment to any bracelet and they're fairly quick to make as no sewing is required. Perfect if you've accidentally made a too long braid and don't want to waste the ends. These two where made specifically to be made into barrettes though and are classic yet stylish.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black on Black

Back to black?
Two simple black bracelets, one three strand braid with black leather thong inlay and the other is a standard "katarina"braid with black skin inlay.

Men, manly men!

Pewter bracelets are of course not just for women, actually most designs can be worn by both sexes, however when I made a bracelet for my dear fiance, I went out of my way to create an as manly design as possible, and this is the end result. A 3 cm broad black leather bracelet with a 5 strand braid with 4 threads in each strand, it's really heavy! Manly no?

Simple & Classic

A classic brown leather bracelet with a four strand braid made from really thin, 0,30mm pewter thread leaving the bracelet really feminine delicate looking.

Purple Classic

A simple four strand braid but spiced up with twisted pewter threads and purple leather thongs.

Think Pink

This little bracelet was made when I almost had run out of materials and I only had enough pewter thread to make two little three strand braids. I thought that was a little bit boring to only use those so after some playing around with a beautiful bright pink ribbon - this was the end result, have never seen anything similar actually and I'm quite proud of it ^^

Header bracelet

The bracelet in my header is actually my newest creation, it's made for a fantastic woman named Mia who hosts the most amazingly fun quilting courses in Våmhus each summer and I made this a small thank you gift to her. Visit her site here:

White and Pink

Two bracelets made with white lambskin base, a pink suede for a mid-strand for the five strand braid and two four strand braids surrounding the main braid. One is mine, and the other I gave to a friend.

Sami jewelery

I figured I'd start a blog to share one of my major interests with the world, the making of Sami bracelets and jewelery. My idea is to down the line not only show off my works but to also teach you how to make your own braids and bracelets. But I'll start slow =)

The making of Sami bracelets are a beautiful tradition from the Norths of Sweden where the Sami people still live today with their caribous (reindeer). These bracelets are inspired from such ancient crafts, made with peweter and silver or copper threads, from caribou and lambskin with antler buttons - but spiced up a bit to fit today's fashion and ideals.