Saturday, March 19, 2022

Rimini Ruffle Tote - Pattern Release!

 I'm so excited to share this awesome, rufflelicious (might not be a word but it is now!) tote with you all! The Rimini Ruffle Tote is such a romantic design with the ruffles, but with the right fabric/vinyl, it can be super cool and edgy! It's available in English and Swedish HERE.

This is a large tote that comes in two sizes with plenty of room. Perfect for a day on the beach or on the town. The turquoise colored one on the cover is the regular size, this pink one is the tall size (MORE ruffles! ;) ):

Ruffles back and front!

Look at little Marie in the lining! I love her!

It's fully lined, and it has a generous zipper pocket and a pretty slip pocket inside. 

Finished size tall Rimini: ~17” (45cm) high, ~12” (30cm) wide at the bottom, ~15” (38cm) wide at the top and ~4” (10cm) deep.

The beautiful pearlescent pink vinyl is from Borlänge Sycentrum.

Finished size regular Rimini: ~14” (35cm) high, ~12” (30cm) wide at the bottom, ~15” (38cm) wide at the top and ~4” (10cm) deep.

It has a sturdy bottom which makes it hold its shape very nicely even when fully packed.  

I love this lining fabric, I bought it here on MariColorWorld

It has nearly no hardware, the magnetic snap and bag feet are absolutely optional.

It has room for a LOT! 

You can of course make it in a cotton fabric if you prefer, both methods are described in the pattern. If you don't like raw edges/backs on your ruffles, cotton is the way to go. This version is made with quilting cotton from Leafy Greens BlendedThread and a foam interfacing for added stability. 

I added vinyl straps, but the straps can of course ba made in cotton too.

I made a vinyl bottom for the bag to make it a little more resistant in the bottom.

~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ 

My amazing pattern testers were awesome as ever and tested the pattern for me, and they have done such an awesome job!!! A sincere thank you goes out to each and everyone one of you for helping me make each new pattern - into my best pattern yet!

I'm so very grateful for all your help and hard work, I could not do this without you!

Sofia Nilsson - of TRÅkärlek whom can be found here on Instagram and here on Facebook made a number of gorgeous Rimini Ruffle Totes! More photos to come soon!

This stunning tall cotton and vinyl version:

She also made this super cool regular size black vinyl one:

And she made this adorable custom size mini version! Look at the lace edge on the ruffle!

Eva Halvarsson - of Borlänge Sycentrum made tall this lovely silver vinyl one:

Julia Willman - made this beautiful regular so super soft faux suede version: 

 Camilla Johansson - whom you can find on instagram here made this super cool green snakeskin and black vinyl version! 

Josefin Axelsson - made this adorable, slim ruffled regular version in all cotton: