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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The much requested: Fancy Folded Star Pillow Pattern!

If there's one question I've been sent more emails about than anything else, it's if I could possibly make a pillow version of the Fancy Folded Star Potholder tutorial. And I've been meaning to do so for ages, but you know how it goes, other things get in the way and boom! Suddenly 4 years have passed! ;D

But better late then never right? So here it is! It's available on Craftsy here!

This pillow is so much fun to make! And it's the perfect gift for the person who has "everything" =)

Linking up with awesome Lorna over at SewFreshQuilts for Let's Bee Social! =)

Sew Fresh Quilts

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge - March

I'm alive! Work has been killing me again, we've celebrated our first game, PonyIsland's 8th birthday on the 13th of March and I couldn't be more excited! It was a ton of work and fun, we had contests and lots of updates and releases replaced the last pieces of the game that was actually 8 years old =)

We're also starting to settle in our new apartment and better late then never - I've unpacked my sewing room! Naturally I celebrated with some free motion quilting! =)


Regarding the challenge, I skipped February for now, the month I was most excited about so far, those beautiful feathers are still haunting me!  I really hope I'll be able to come back to it soon and do it as I so badly want to learn how to do them.

This months tutorial was by the talented Ann Fahl, and it was a shout out to us to encourage more creative filler designs then the common stippling and meandering =)

She gave us a number of designs to try and I have to say I felt very comfortable with all of them from the beginning, and again I skipped the sketching part and went straight to the machine (naughty me!), and especially now after my long forced break from my beloved Horizon it felt like being back where I belong. I was so happy to be quilting again!

My first attempt at the designs she suggested:

Since I hadn't quilted in a while I at first forgot to use my "home made teflon slider" sheet and in this image you can really see what a huge difference it makes! The first little section in the rectangle was quilted before I realized why my technique was so poor all of a sudden! You can clearly see how much better and even my quilting became after I got my sheet in place and my little sandwich  didn't drag and snag =)

I really liked the swirls a lot and the extension design of them, the flowers where really fun too, can totally see myself using these in the future. 

I will practice it a more, I just really wanted to get my post up before  the month was over this time =)

EDIT: So I had to play some more with this months challenge and ended up breaking out my drunkards path templates for the very first time and whipped up what's going to become two pillow's with some of my Ruby, so I'd have something "real" to try it on. Drunkards path was sooo much easier to make then I'd feared, it's so much fun to sew curves! =D
This is my first one, still contemplating what to do for borders. I got a lot of inspiration from Judi over at Green Fairy Quilts for this with her intricate and wonderfully free quilting style:

Unfortunately the light was disappearing so the photos are not the best, will quilt some more and try to upload more soon. I was really good and didn't unpick a single stitch, despite my fingers itching when it went a little of track =)

If you haven't taken the pledge yet, it's not to late, you can join up now to become a better free motion quilter and have the chance to win fabulous prizes!!  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Wreath Pillow

So Pink Chalk Studio is hosting a Countdown to Christmas which consists of a set of tutorials, one for each day and there's just so much there I would have loved to do. However, my tight schedule didn't exactly allow me to try all. So I decided to try my favourite for a pillow I wanted to do to match my new table topper and quilt. I went with day five Made by Marci Girl Designs which was a take on Lily's quilts tutorial.

This is my premature start of my new years resolution for this year (tackle my sewing fears, more on that later) in that it was my very first attempt at curved piecing, and to be honest, at this point in the process I was more then a little panicked: 

However, I have to say it turned out really great! I just love it! The bow is attached with Velcro and can be taken off for naps ^^ And I have to say thank you for those of you who offered encouraging words on my custom quilting attempt on the Flurry Presents quilt, as that's what made me dare to do it again on the pillow and I couldn't be happier. Loving the pebbling (that was so much fun!) and the wreath.


Fancy Folded Star

And I'm also honoured to be featured on Pink Chalk Studios countdown to Christmas yesterday myself with my Fancy Folded Star tutorial. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally! A finish!

I've finally had some quality time with my beloved Horizon! Who by the way this month will be getting some much needed TLC from a guy from Janome Sweden who comes to Malta for vacation and is kind enough to take a look at my love when he's here on holiday <3 Which is very lucky as no one services Janome (or any slightly computerized machine) here and he's in much need of some help.

Anyhow, I've finally finished my "Thinking of You" pillow! The pattern for it is from Kellie over at Don't Look Now and I was lucky enough to win it earlier this year. I'm the first one to admit that it was not a good idea to attempt a for me very complicated and never before tried FMQ pattern after not having sewn anything at all for months... Despite this I'm quite happy with the result, the pattern was a lot of fun but it took a lot of time to make when you're not used to this kind of work and you only get like 20 minutes of sewing time at the time with weeks in between...

However, the satisfaction when  you're done make it worth every minute and I'll absolutely make more of the pillows in the pattern when I've gathered enough scraps. =)

The eye of the bird is my very first ever french knot BTW, this was really "a pillow of firsts" for me ^^

And while I was at it with the craziness I figured I might as well face all my fears and put in my very first invisible zipper at the back. It was super easy after reading this tutorial over at Sew4Home. Despite me only having a normal zipper foot, I'm very happy with my first try and will absolutely continue to make pillow backs this way! So quick, simple and stylish!

And when I tried to take a picture of it in its place on the couch, of course Diana had to jump in between, start rolling around to get attention and be in the photo too ^^

It feels GREAT to be back to sewing! Now however I'll be entertaining guests for 10 days, Andreas sister,  husband and 3 kids are staying with us so I'm guessing there won't be much sewing done, but you never know. =)