Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pictures from Syfestivalen

So I had a fantastic day with my mother when we visited Syfestivalen in Stockholm. I didn't have my camera with me though so please excuse the quality of the pictures, they're taken with my phone. I just wish I'd hadn't been so mesmerized and remembered to take many more! =) We meet many old and new quilting friends and we had the best time.

My favorite booth there was without doubt Tyger och Tings booth. I'd never heard of them or see anything of theirs before but when we got there I got so excited my reptile brain kicked in and I nearly started to try and buy the entire booth. So my mother told me I had to step back, go get some food and then come back because she could see I just couldn't handle it! I'm not kidding, I was literally shaking! There was just so much in their booth that was exactly my style. So many unique and inspiring patterns and ideas! Sadly the only thing I managed to get a decent close up picture off was the table runner to the right. Very pretty don't you think?

Then there where many different things that inspired and excited me, I got to see my very first Moda Fat Quarter bundles, a demonstration of the Accu quilt go cutter (I thought I would want one so badly  but I felt it wasn't for me as it was WAY to expensive to buy and try it for fun like I wanted to, especially as one had to buy the cutter separate without any dices) and lots of other pretty things. The round quilts below look so much fun, I'm planning on trying to make my own version sometime soon =)

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