Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gift for one of my dads

I'm lucky enough to have two you see ^^
I imagine that the topic is a bit confusing, it's just that the word "step dad" is so ugly that I don't want to use it. It's a bracelet he's wished for for some time. He's a large man, over 2 meters tall and well muscled so I needed something that wouldn't look delicate or too thin, but at the same time not so big it would become clumsy so he couldn't wear it when he worked. I think I managed quite well with that =)

He sent me these beautiful pictures of himself wearing it as I completely forgot to photograph it before I gave it away. It's a five strand braid with twisted skin thongs around and finished with the two folded three strand bracelets. It's black lambskin with a reindeer antler button.


  1. kul att få vara med och att bli omnämnd på din blogg! Hasse

  2. Så fint armband. Gillar dessa "samesmycken".


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