Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts for a friends birthday

 A dear friend of mine is getting a year older in a few days and she said when we where out last time that'd she'd love to have a cover for her cellphone. So I traced it on the back of some paper I had in my pocket and then saved it for this very occasion =)

She's a super sweet girl and loves pink just like me, so here's what I came up with. The cellphone cover has a matching little purse to keep make-up and stuff you don't want rolling around in your purse. I made the bottom flat so it wouldn't take up too much room. Fabric is mostly Sunkissed scraps (yes, still from the same jelly roll as I made my Sunkissed Squares quilt, table topper, table runner and pillow with, there's so much fabric in a jelly roll!) and a little Kona coal. Isn't the little music not adorable?

 Back of the little purse, added a few studs. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that she'll like it and that her phone will fit.


  1. Så rart litet set du sytt. Mobilfodralet ser spännande ut med olika fram och baksida.
    Väninnan kommer att bli GLAD! det är jag helt övertygad om.

  2. Thanks everyone! =)

    I had so much fun making them, projects that go quickly together is so nice to mix it up with once in a while =)

  3. Oh, så jättesöta! Om jag talar om att jag också har köpt ny telefon så kanske jag också har tur att få ett nytt? *fniss* Hon kommer att bli jätteglad för hela det ljuvliga setet - säkert!
    Vi jobbar på Julbrådskan (BSM och BUS julkonsert)hela helgen och just nu står jag med händerna i bakbunken med saffransdeg till säljbullar! Ha en jätteskön helg så hörs vi snart!<3


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