Friday, December 9, 2011

Quilting all the way!

So to keep my sanity in this HD crash disaster I decided to start quilting my Flurry Quilt. Since I can't work for real anyway, apart from when I can borrow Andreas computer and that gives me quite a lot of time to quilt. So every downside have an upside right? After having seen this gorgeous version that Natalia over at Piece N Quilt quilted for one of her clients I got so inspired that I decided to try something that wasn't a fail safe all over design this time =)

So while I'm far away from her amazing result, I'm quite happy with my swirls despite them being anything but perfect (this is a major step for perfectionist me! Am I growing up? ^^) and I'm having a ton of fun planning how to quilt the presents and the border!

So I went off in search for inspiration over at my favourite quilters and after reading this tutorial for a Diamond Sashing over at Green Fairy Quilts I think I might dare to try something with straight lines in it but FMQ, cool right? I was stunned with happiness when I read it! I thought I'd never be able to FMQ straight lines, but the secret was so simple and right in front of me on my cutting table the whole time... Yes I'm a bit embarrassed that I hadn't thought of using a ruler for it it on my own - but now that I know: Wohoo! Here I come straight lines! =D


If you're looking for the My Memories Suite give away, it can be found here, still 1 day left to enter! =)


  1. The swirls are beautiful! Will be so great to se your straight lines cause that will be just perfect!

  2. What a really cute quilt. Good luck with the quilting.

    My first visit to your blog.

    Merry Christmas.


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