Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flurry Finish!

My Flurry Presents Quilt is finally finished! It was my first attempt at anything but an all over quilt design, and while it's far from perfect, I'm really glad I tried. However I think I'm not really "there" yet as my skill is much to low for it to looks really good. Which is why I've decided that this year will be my FMQ year! I really want to get better at it so I've decided to participate in SewCalGal's Freemotion Quilting Challenge. I can't wait to get started! Why not join you too? The more the merrier! =)

I also thought I'd show you what excellent help I have always when sewing and working on my quilts, Diana is here making use of her skills as "professional" quilt tester, and yes it works nicely as a bed.

And she also tested that it works as a quilt when I was attaching the binding, she wanted me to let you know - it's very cosy! =) She's so silly, she thinks it's cold inside at night now so she's always burrowing under stuff, it's adorable! She also sleeps under the covers at night again now, that's what I love most about the winter season apart from getting to cuddle up under my favorite quilts, she sleeps on my arm all night. <3


  1. Vilken älskvärd och ljuvlig quilt-testare du har! Hon ser väldigt nöjd ut med att kolla in din syning tycker jag. Och så låter det sååå skönt att hon ligger på din arm på nätterna igen. Och visst ja - quilten blev helt underbart fin!

  2. It's a beautiful quilt and the quilting looks great. Don't put yourself down ;) I'm attending a quilt class/retreat for the first time. It took the instructor exactly 2 times to figure out my fear of fmq so she ordered that I do nothing but that the next time. LOL

  3. Helt underbara foton! Det ligger tydligen i kattens gener att vara nära då vi syr. De är också utmärkta "nuärdetdagsföratttapaus" markörer :o)

    Sååååååååå fiiiiiiiiin quilt du sytt!!!!

  4. Looks good to me! That's a tough job on a small machine, and I applaud you for the effort. No one is going to get up close and criticize. Give it a month and look again. I'll bet you miss all the things you think are terrible now, because you'll forget where they are! Where you *think* they are. =)


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