Thursday, December 8, 2011

Harddrive crash and Ruby

So yesterday was very much a good day turned into a very bad day kind of deal...

My pretty much brand new SSD disk died yesterday. And since Andreas identical disk died a week ago and he just shipped his off for replacement two days ago - we're now officially out of disks to run Windows from as Andreas took my extra disk when his crashed... And mine died hard, I mean completely died, not even recognized by BIOS, darn crappy SSD's from OCZ! They where not even 4 months old!

So I'm currently running Ubuntu from a CD, not ideal at all when you work from your computer, quite a lot of panic in our house today... But at least I can take care of most things until I get a replacement sent (if they ever bother to reply to our request about a new RMA).


But before that and on a happier  note, I found out that River Fabrics carries Ruby and even have FQ bundles! I was so happy as it's a pain to order from the US here in Malta (you can read about my struggles with customs here). And the owner Janette being the great person she is, gave me a fantastic deal on shipping <3

Soon I'll be touching her, Ruby - the woman of my dreams ;)

Like some of you know I've been dreaming of Ruby since she  was announced and the very day I manage to get my hands on some, Camille announces their next, if possible even more fabulous line - Vintage Modern!

Images borrowed from Simplify - Camilles Blog.


If you're looking for the My Memories Suite give away, it can be found here, still 2 more days left to enter! =)

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