Saturday, December 3, 2011

Giveaway! Win the My Memories Suite software!

I'm super happy to be hosting my very first giveaway thanks to the lovely people over at My Memories!

Those of you who know me know I need a new hobby like I need a hole in the head but like you also know, I dabbled a little in digital scrapbooking a while back to make my new header and it was so much fun! But a bit of a hassle doing it in Photoshop... So when I was contacted by My Memories I just jumped at the chance at trying their digital scrapbooking software and also getting the chance to let one of you dear readers, have a chance of winning your very own full version of the My Memories Suite!

After having played a round with it for a little while now I can tell you, there's much fun you can do with this software, especially when it comes to fun gifts. And don't' only think printing  as that's what put me off at first, I'm not the paper photo kind of gal - think digital photo frames! Just save your album as .jpg images and you can make super fun gifts by simply buying a digital picture frame (if the recipient doesn't have one) and a cheap memory card that suits the frame with your album pages in .jpg format and you have a super fun gift (tutorial for this and a ton of other things are available on their webpage)! It's quite easy and logical to use, which is a big bonus if you like me have very limited time and don't want to spend it reading manuals.

If you're a blogger, there's a ton of fun things you can create, like fancy new blog headers:

Or just give your photos adorable frames and designs, like this one of my finances adorable niece Matilda (Or "Tilla" to use her own pronunciation) from when they where visiting us earlier last month, she'd eaten ice cream and was happily playing in the park:

And when we're on the topic of visit from the family, I just have to show you (despite how terrible I look in the photo, had been more or less ill for a month) my favourite part of the day with the kids, and it's when I get to curl up with them all in bed, one in my lap (or at times all three, but it gets a little difficult to read then) and the rest around me reading a storybook. I have such lovely memories of my mother doing that for me and my sister when we where young and storybook time was the best time of the day back then. 

Anyhow, there's a lot of fun stuff you can do with this software.  All of the above is done with what comes included with the My Memories Suite, however,  they have a number of free kits for download and unlimited ones you can buy to increace the possibilities. Ok, so yes - I do realize I sound super silly in all the above commentary but it really is fun to play with this and I'm excited about the opportunity to share it with your all. =)

Finally, we're at the good part! =D

You can do any of the below to get one or more chances to win, please make one comment for each of your entries and make sure you're not a a no reply blogger (hop over to Sew Many Ways  if you're unsure if you are) or include your email if you're a no-reply blogger so I have a way to contact you if you win, otherwise, I'll draw a new name. The giveaway closes in one weeks time so on the 10th of December, the winner will be announced! =)

1. Comment on this post and tell me what you would want to try and make first with the My Memories Suite.
2. Become a follower of my blog, or if you already are, just state that you're a follower.
3. Blog about the giveaway and comment with a link to your post.
4. Twitter/Facebook about the giveaway comment with a link to your post

And to make sure no one feels left out, My Memories are giving all of you readers a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software for those of you who don't win and a $10 coupon for the store after purchasing the software - $20 value!

Just use this promo code at checkout: STMMMS12916 


  1. This seems like really fun! I would love to make me a new header as first try if I win!

  2. I´m a follower since your first blogday! :)

  3. And I have blogged about it here:

  4. I'd love to have the software. I would probably start with some scrappy things for my blog and play around with things to learn to use it. Then when I had it figured out, I'd do anything it can do!

  5. I blogged about your giveaway in between my advent posts.

  6. And I'm a follower! Thanks so much for this opportunity. I've been seeing a lot about this, and I really want to have it.

  7. I would like to make scrapbooks of my 3 grandchildren, ages 5,almost 4, and almost 2. I have yet to do any scrapbooking for them yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

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