Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why you should go to bed and not sit down in front of the sewing machine when you've worked for nearly 24 hours...

So, let's just say that this morning when I looked at the photo I took of my finished work from last night, I thought it looked a little weird....

Let's say it looked much more "compact" then I thought it would look...

As it turns out I had forgotten something, namely some white background strips! So I had some serious seam ripping to do today. But tonight I finished and I now have a top looking a bit closer to what I intended =)

Sorry about the crappy photos but they where taken in the middle of the night and my "real" lens is at Sigma being exchanged/fixed as it gave up. I'm by no means a good photographer, but I realize how luxurious I have it with our normal lens (usually at a half automatic setting) when I try to take photos at night with the kit lens =)


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  1. Oh my...been there done that! Been best friends with my seam ripper many times. The quilt looks great. I always like the bright colors agains white...they just pop!

  2. Looks good either way to me. =) I like the design.


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