Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowflake table topper

Since I needed something a bit less summery then my Summer Squares Table Topper for the table, I decided to whip up a quick one from some of my Flurry scraps. Ended up playing a lot with my decorative stitches when quilting it since I now can use them perfectly again after my beloved Horizon was given some TLC by the service guy =)


Please vote in the Quilting Gallery Christmas Contest

I've participated with my Flurry quilt in the weekly contest over at the Quilting Gallery, and it would  be great if you hopped over and voted: Vote for your favorite Christmas quilts.

There are a ton of stunning entries so go over there and take a look =)


  1. Vad fräsch och fin din bordsduk blev - känns väldigt vintrig! Nu har jag röstat och det gick ju bra!

  2. Självklart ger jag din superläckra quilt min röst!!!
    Bordduken blev julig trots färgerna, det tycker jag är läckert att inte alltid behöva sy i "julgrönt/rött".

  3. just voted for you quilt|!! Love it, it is so the little presents..and love "flurry"!!

    Also had to stop and say Hi because my son is travelling and on Malta right now, so this feels like I "know someone" there.. LOL!!!

  4. are you sharing the pattern for this quilt any where. It is blooming gorgeous and would love to replicate it!

  5. finallylanky, I couldn't agree more, it's such a fun quilt! =)
    The pattern for the Flurry Presents Quilt was free so I downloaded it sometime last year from Fat Quarter Shop, I don't think it's available anymore though so if you want it, just send me an email (as you're a no reply blogger I couldn't reply directly) and I'll send you the PDF. =)


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