Saturday, July 2, 2011

Table runners turned into a bag!

I've made my very first, "real" bag. I made it from the adorable table runners I bought in Sweden from the previous post. I love lupines and poppies so this fabric is just great! It's lined with Kona Coal and the handles are also made from that. While I really like the bag I'm very, very unhappy with the stabilizer I used, it's absolutely terrible! I bought a yard of it when I was in Sweden at the "SyFestivalen" and I really wish I'd gotten the name of it so I wouldn't have to make the mistake of buying it again, it bubbled up from the fabric after just a few hours! Really glad it's on the lining and not the outside fabric.

Inside it has all of the little stuff I need, one zippered hidden pocket lined with my favourite cat fabric (very proud of this, I'm once again, master of the zipper! ^^), one key holder tab with a little plastic clip fastener, and a bunch of dedicated pockets, left to right it's for lipgloss, phone and then big one is for my compact camera. 

Really happy with the folded look of the bottom.

And a not very pretty picture for size comparison with me looking what I am - sleep deprived ^^ It's a rather big bag which is by design, it will be my beach bag so it was important that a big beach towel plus a big book could fit in there while still having room for a 1,5 litre water bottle and lot's of sunscreen =)

All in all, very happy with my first "real" bag project =)


  1. Den är helt underbar! Hade aldrig kunnat ana detta när du berättade att du hade köpt löpare med dig hem. Jättebra inredning också! Du får ta och göra ett mönster på denna och ta med dig hem.
    (Men då får du skynda dig, för nu är det nära, äntligen)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous finds!!!! Love them all!! Very fresh and unique designs!!!!!!

  3. Do you have a pattern you wish to share for this one?

    1. Thank you for your interest but I'm afraid that this is just something I made up on the go quite a few years ago so no pattern for this :(


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