Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilt retreat picture time!

I just had to share some photos with you from the quilt retreat. Because, we'll a picture says more then a thousand words so then a bunch of pictures much be as good as your average novel right? ^^

Anki and mum hard at work, Anki is the fantastic person who let me borrow one of her sewing machines for the retreat, can't thank you enough Anki! <3 I sit just opposite mum on the same table.

I tried my hand at Meshwork, it was quite fun =)

This is what can happen when you don't pay attention... We had lot's of laughs over mistakes like this one, most of them could be blamed on "drinking and quilting", but not this one though if I remember correctly ^^

Fabrics, lot's of fabrics!

Half of the big room where we sit and sew. Me and mum always sit on the side you don't see here though.

Our time to cook dinner and we where enjoying a well deserved glass of wine and good food in the kitchen after having cooked for a few hours. It's more difficult then one would think to make a recipe work for 30 people...

My maternal grandparents came to visit one evening which made me so happy as I miss them a lot and I very rarely get to see them. <3 It's quite late in the photo though and we're all very tired.

Some of me and mums early work, one bag each (in my case not so much a bag as a "prototype" of a bag ;) ), I love mums bag with the wood fabric, so cool! And do you see the adorable Miranda bear hugging a heart? The lovely Anki had made that for me and it was waiting for me on the sewing machine I got to borrow when I arrived! I nearly cried it was so sweet of her! <3

Annika, our lovely entertainer/singer extraordinaire! The reason for our toned stomach muscles after each quilt retreat - thanks to so many hearty laughs. She'd made such an adorable owl backpack for her beautiful granddaughter Myran -amongst other things =)

Ankis beautiful Tonga Treats quilt top. This pattern was really all the rage this retreat, sooo many other, equally beautiful versions where made that I sadly didn't photograph.

Yes, I was somewhat, let's use the word "frustrated" with the bag at this point...

Being here is complete relaxation <3

Thank you all fantastic ladies for yet another fantastic week of "symester"! 

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, they where all taken with my compact camera.  =)


  1. Massor med härliga bilder med härliga minnen! Det är ju bara sååå mysigt. Kul när mormor och morfar också kom med på ett hörn. Känner värmen och känslan när jag ser bilderna.

  2. Härlig återblick så här två veckor efter Våmhusveckan. Det är verkligen en fantastisk plats att få tillbringa några sommarveckor på. Dessutom all "historia" med hårkullor och korgmakare och Ätjärn..........
    Ha det bra!


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