Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make-up travel bag

I've really needed a new one for ages and I finally decided to sit down and make it now before my quilt retreat. The retreat starts on Sunday and tomorrow I'm flying to Sweden again for it and I just can't wait! It's one of the best weeks of the year and I get to spend some lovely quality time with my mother whom I get to spend way to little time with otherwise! And speaking of my mother, it's from her I got the adorable fabrics with the rainbow horses I used for the appliqué on the front, the covered button and also for the lining of the zippered pocket.

The zippered pocket open, aren't the horses just great? I can't stop smiling whenever I see them, so it'll be a good start on every day when I bring this with me =) I'm happy to say I'm feeling really confident with the zippers at this point, haven't had to bring out the seam ripper for the last two at all ^^

Fully packed but unfolded (hence the bumpy looking left side in this picture ^^), it has a really handy place for all the 4 brushes I "must" have with me. Thanks to this set-up, I don't risk destroying the brushes by having them roll around with the other stuff and they're protected when the bag is folded up.

I'm really starting to feel confident making bags of my own design now, which will be very good for my plan for the quilt retreat is to make some more advanced ones following patters with help from the talented ladies at the retreat, so it feels good to at least have a grip on the basics.

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