Sunday, July 3, 2011

My second Moda Bakeshop Project - Charming Rag Quilt Tutorial

2020 - EDIT: Unfortunately after heir wordpress crash this tutorial is no longer available on Moda Bakeshop, however, it is available for FREE in my Facebook group

I'm so happy to be sharing my second Moda Bakeshop project with you all, while honestly much less exciting then my first reveal, it's still quite fun I think and it does have some key differences in how it's made (no cutting and perfectly fitting in batting squares) from the number of other Rag projects that's been presented over there lately.  In my defense through, this quilt was finished in December and by then no other Rag Quilt projects at all had been presented there. ;)

It's finally "Christmas in July" over at the MBS and I get to show it too you! Can you imagine how hard it's been for me to not tell anyone about this quilt or show it off for over 7 months?

It's made with Holly Taylor's Northern Cardinal fabric, while far away from my usual cheery color scale this quilt is absolutely perfect for our living room. The muted colors of brown, beige, and forest green made it a lovely addition to our couch during the winter. I'm also super excited with the pictures as it's so very "Malta" colored and matched perfectly with the sand stone everything is made from here. =)

It's a little weird photographing a Christmas quilt when the weather says full on summer. Got a lot of strange looks that day, dragging my quilt around, hanging it up in all kinds of places trying to get the perfect main picture for the tutorial.

Please take a look at the tutorial for this quilt here: Tutorial at Moda Bakeshop

I'd be so happy if you'd leave a comment over there, and if you decide to make one of these quilts based on the tutorial (or any of my other tutorials), I'd be even happier if you sent me an email with a photo so I can show it off here on the blog =)

This project originally came from my first full size rag quilt, that one you can see here.

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