Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our June Sweden trip

As I didn't have time to share any photos with you during the trip I figured "better late then never" right?

The main event for our June trip was Andreas last sister getting married (last as in the other two already married ^^), Andreas is now the only unmarried sibling. The wedding was lovely and the bride was absolutely beautiful, however the weather was not so we where freezing the entire time. Can you believe she made that lovely bouquet herself from flowers picked in their mothers garden?

Me and Alma (our god daughter) at the wedding party, we where teaching her a lot of stuff I'm sure her mother will love when trying to take pictures of her in the future =D We where also huddled up for the cold.

Here's the bride from the previous picture in a somewhat different setting, she was trying to teach her young Icelandic stallion how to behave in reins, it typically went a lot better then this but I of course had to share this lovely picture of defiance =)

We found this poor little birdie trying to cling onto a water lilly leaf in the river so we immediately went after him! I managed to scoop him up which resulted in him sitting in my hand for 20 or so minutes recuperating and drying before it's mother came and it went after her into the bushes to be fed. Happy ending to what could have been a very tragic story.

In a Andreas parents tiny little pond we also found this beautiful little fellow, it's actually the first time any of us saw a wild Salamander in Sweden. He was gorgeous and his belly beautiful! We of course let him back in the water directly after snapping these few pictures.

Andreas oldest sister Therese  has what only can be described as a small zoo at home with just over 150 different animals (lot's and lots of birds, hens, pheasants etc.) and she had just gotten two adorable Alpackas! When we get a house somewhere I'll absolutely have Alpackas. They're the most amazing little animals, really sociable, sooo soft and clean, don't make any noise (sounds like soft bird noises) and I could just pet them forever. This is me and Momoko, and no I'm not choking her, just stroking her super soft neck =)

So since I love animals, going back to Sweden is always a lovely time for me even through it's almost always insanely stressful to have time to see everyone we want to see. Thanks everyone for a lovely visit!

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