Sunday, July 24, 2011

Simple table runner "a la Maggur"

At the quilting retreat one of my dear friends had been mass producing these table runners for her friends and in the end I just had to try my hand at one too. It was such a simple strip piecing process and a brilliant ending solution  made this runner a pure joy to complete! Thank you Maggan for showing me how to make this! <3

The colour choice I'm not 100% on, sometimes I think it's really pretty, other times it makes me sort of nauseated... I think that if I'd chosen a dark green edge instead of the pink, it would have looked much, much better and less vomit inducing ^^

This was also my first time of quilting with a decorative stitch, I choose little leafs in a variegated thread and I'm quite happy with the result, not over the moon but it kind of works. It's unwashed in the pictures, I'm quite sure a good wash and tumble will do it good. =)

In case anyone is wondering where I got the adorable shell and the pretty sea-urchin shells (are they called shells?), we've been snorkelling a lot the last few days just about a hundred meters from our apartment. Luckily for me it's a local beach - or beach might be a touch on the grandiose side for a name for this little place - anyhow so there's plenty of finds to make on the bottom around here as the tourists hasn't cleaned it out. We also just got a new camera, it was really cheap as a new model just hit the shelves but I think the pictures are quite decent. It's mainly for partying (it's basically indestructible) and swimming (waterproof up to 10 meters) and we snapped some pictures of our swim two days ago.

 Me giving Andreas directions on where we're swimming next ^^

Andreas swimming, he's amazing with holding his breath, he can be under the water easily 8 times longer then me.

Mr. Octopus was a little shy =)


  1. Den blev visst jättefin även om det kanske kunde varit ännu bättre med en grön kant, ja!
    Verkligen läckra bilder från era undervattens-utforskningar. Ser så enormt skönt ut!
    "Borrarna" passar så bra på löparen.

  2. Den löparen blev verkligen fin.
    Wow!!! vilka häftiga bilder på snorklingen....huuuu...bläckfisken ser lite skum ut :o)

    KRAM Pirjo


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