Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilt retreat picture time!

I just had to share some photos with you from the quilt retreat. Because, we'll a picture says more then a thousand words so then a bunch of pictures much be as good as your average novel right? ^^

Anki and mum hard at work, Anki is the fantastic person who let me borrow one of her sewing machines for the retreat, can't thank you enough Anki! <3 I sit just opposite mum on the same table.

I tried my hand at Meshwork, it was quite fun =)

This is what can happen when you don't pay attention... We had lot's of laughs over mistakes like this one, most of them could be blamed on "drinking and quilting", but not this one though if I remember correctly ^^

Fabrics, lot's of fabrics!

Half of the big room where we sit and sew. Me and mum always sit on the side you don't see here though.

Our time to cook dinner and we where enjoying a well deserved glass of wine and good food in the kitchen after having cooked for a few hours. It's more difficult then one would think to make a recipe work for 30 people...

My maternal grandparents came to visit one evening which made me so happy as I miss them a lot and I very rarely get to see them. <3 It's quite late in the photo though and we're all very tired.

Some of me and mums early work, one bag each (in my case not so much a bag as a "prototype" of a bag ;) ), I love mums bag with the wood fabric, so cool! And do you see the adorable Miranda bear hugging a heart? The lovely Anki had made that for me and it was waiting for me on the sewing machine I got to borrow when I arrived! I nearly cried it was so sweet of her! <3

Annika, our lovely entertainer/singer extraordinaire! The reason for our toned stomach muscles after each quilt retreat - thanks to so many hearty laughs. She'd made such an adorable owl backpack for her beautiful granddaughter Myran -amongst other things =)

Ankis beautiful Tonga Treats quilt top. This pattern was really all the rage this retreat, sooo many other, equally beautiful versions where made that I sadly didn't photograph.

Yes, I was somewhat, let's use the word "frustrated" with the bag at this point...

Being here is complete relaxation <3

Thank you all fantastic ladies for yet another fantastic week of "symester"! 

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, they where all taken with my compact camera.  =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have such excellent company and help with my night time sewing

I just felt I had to show you what excellent company I have just this second as I've started playing with my Hoffman Bali Pop Grasshopper. It's a lovely combination of colors (the dark green don't stand out like that IRL, it's the night time photo that's to blame) and Diana obviously thought so too as she immediately settled on my finished strips as I'd laid them out =)

Earlier she's been "holding" the lower end of my measuring tape for me as I've measured my strips ^^ Such a helpful little lady my Diana.

This quilt is going to become my own version of a quilt I've seen both online (where I can't remember for the life of me right now) and then later on the quilting retreat. This one is made by the talented Anna at the retreat:

However, as the technique makes me think of chameleons rather then regular lizards, I think I'm going to make a play on that for my version ^^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Simple table runner "a la Maggur"

At the quilting retreat one of my dear friends had been mass producing these table runners for her friends and in the end I just had to try my hand at one too. It was such a simple strip piecing process and a brilliant ending solution  made this runner a pure joy to complete! Thank you Maggan for showing me how to make this! <3

The colour choice I'm not 100% on, sometimes I think it's really pretty, other times it makes me sort of nauseated... I think that if I'd chosen a dark green edge instead of the pink, it would have looked much, much better and less vomit inducing ^^

This was also my first time of quilting with a decorative stitch, I choose little leafs in a variegated thread and I'm quite happy with the result, not over the moon but it kind of works. It's unwashed in the pictures, I'm quite sure a good wash and tumble will do it good. =)

In case anyone is wondering where I got the adorable shell and the pretty sea-urchin shells (are they called shells?), we've been snorkelling a lot the last few days just about a hundred meters from our apartment. Luckily for me it's a local beach - or beach might be a touch on the grandiose side for a name for this little place - anyhow so there's plenty of finds to make on the bottom around here as the tourists hasn't cleaned it out. We also just got a new camera, it was really cheap as a new model just hit the shelves but I think the pictures are quite decent. It's mainly for partying (it's basically indestructible) and swimming (waterproof up to 10 meters) and we snapped some pictures of our swim two days ago.

 Me giving Andreas directions on where we're swimming next ^^

Andreas swimming, he's amazing with holding his breath, he can be under the water easily 8 times longer then me.

Mr. Octopus was a little shy =)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Amy Butler Blossom Handbag

The main event during the quilt retreat for me was making a serious, every day use handbag for myself and with this also trying out my very first Amy Butler pattern, and I'd chosen her free Blossom Handbag pattern. I'm very happy with the end result even if the making resulted in a lot of swearing and seam ripping. While I really like the design, I'm not a true friend of the pattern (more visual aids and diagrams would have been very, very helpful!) as it's an advanced bag yes, but after having put it together once I think that with clearer instructions it wouldn't have had to be so difficult as it was.

I added piping to the rounded corners as they wanted to get a little bumpy otherwise, this probably because I used the wrong interfacing.

I'll be honest with you and say that those handle attachments will be used a lot by me further down the road, so cool! And that part of the pattern was also very clearly described and easy to follow which made them a delight! =)

Made some small edits to the inside, divided the big inside divider panel/pocket into two smaller pockets, one for phone and one for the camera. I also attached a small snap hook for keys with a tiny yo-yo. I really wish the pocket panels would have been attached to the lining as as they are attached now only in the top corners, small stuff really rattles around at the bottom making it three places to search for ones lip balm instead of one =)

I of course had to make a matching make up pouch and a cellphone cover ^^ Really love the pouch pattern, allows me to attach the zipper by machine, a godsend! Really like the reinforced bottom too, which wasn't a part of the original pattern but I thought it gives a nice, finished touch =)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from my quilt retreat!

Hi everyone and most welcome to all new readers! <3

I'm so excited to see that I now have over 50 followers, I can barely believe it... It's so fun and exciting to see and I hope you all feel welcome!  I try to reply to all comments through email but I'm a bit of a scatterbrain with tons of work related emails too so please don't feel ignored if I should forget to reply to your comment, I promise I treasure each and every one.

Please know that my vacations for this summer is now over and pace will be picking up here as I have so much to share from my quilt retreat  (I'm a bag making lady now, can you believe it?) and also sooo many things planned for Moda Bakeshop and for the blog both when it comes to both personal projects and tutorials for everyone.

I really need to get back to normality (been travelling quite a bit this spring/summer) and work a little now but hopefully I'll be able to share some of what I made and what happened during the quilt retreat shortly. I met a lot of old friends and made great new ones, will tell you more later.

In the mean time I thought I'd show you something that made me super happy while I was away: This beautiful version of my Summer Squares quilt made by the fantastic Ms Brown! It was made as a baby shower gift and was naturally, very, very appreciated by the receivers. I just love everything about this quilt but especially the way she quilted it! Both the beautiful use of the negative white space to spell out the recipients name and the pretty flowers in the squares! Lovely! <3 It's made with "Hoo's in the Forest", a simply adorable line!

Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely creation with me and for choosing my pattern, it really made my week <3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our June Sweden trip

As I didn't have time to share any photos with you during the trip I figured "better late then never" right?

The main event for our June trip was Andreas last sister getting married (last as in the other two already married ^^), Andreas is now the only unmarried sibling. The wedding was lovely and the bride was absolutely beautiful, however the weather was not so we where freezing the entire time. Can you believe she made that lovely bouquet herself from flowers picked in their mothers garden?

Me and Alma (our god daughter) at the wedding party, we where teaching her a lot of stuff I'm sure her mother will love when trying to take pictures of her in the future =D We where also huddled up for the cold.

Here's the bride from the previous picture in a somewhat different setting, she was trying to teach her young Icelandic stallion how to behave in reins, it typically went a lot better then this but I of course had to share this lovely picture of defiance =)

We found this poor little birdie trying to cling onto a water lilly leaf in the river so we immediately went after him! I managed to scoop him up which resulted in him sitting in my hand for 20 or so minutes recuperating and drying before it's mother came and it went after her into the bushes to be fed. Happy ending to what could have been a very tragic story.

In a Andreas parents tiny little pond we also found this beautiful little fellow, it's actually the first time any of us saw a wild Salamander in Sweden. He was gorgeous and his belly beautiful! We of course let him back in the water directly after snapping these few pictures.

Andreas oldest sister Therese  has what only can be described as a small zoo at home with just over 150 different animals (lot's and lots of birds, hens, pheasants etc.) and she had just gotten two adorable Alpackas! When we get a house somewhere I'll absolutely have Alpackas. They're the most amazing little animals, really sociable, sooo soft and clean, don't make any noise (sounds like soft bird noises) and I could just pet them forever. This is me and Momoko, and no I'm not choking her, just stroking her super soft neck =)

So since I love animals, going back to Sweden is always a lovely time for me even through it's almost always insanely stressful to have time to see everyone we want to see. Thanks everyone for a lovely visit!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Squares version - Grandma's Memories

You have no idea how excited I was when I got an email titled: " A quilt made from your Moda pattern "

I jumped on the email and in it I find pictures of this absolutely stunning version of my "Summer Squares Quilt", it's called Grandma's Memories, made by Jennifer . I love how she used the design as picture frames and I'm sure her Grandmother must love this beautiful gift.

Thank you so very much Jennifer for sharing your beautiful creation with me, I'm truly honoured you choose my pattern for such an important quilt. <3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make-up travel bag

I've really needed a new one for ages and I finally decided to sit down and make it now before my quilt retreat. The retreat starts on Sunday and tomorrow I'm flying to Sweden again for it and I just can't wait! It's one of the best weeks of the year and I get to spend some lovely quality time with my mother whom I get to spend way to little time with otherwise! And speaking of my mother, it's from her I got the adorable fabrics with the rainbow horses I used for the appliqué on the front, the covered button and also for the lining of the zippered pocket.

The zippered pocket open, aren't the horses just great? I can't stop smiling whenever I see them, so it'll be a good start on every day when I bring this with me =) I'm happy to say I'm feeling really confident with the zippers at this point, haven't had to bring out the seam ripper for the last two at all ^^

Fully packed but unfolded (hence the bumpy looking left side in this picture ^^), it has a really handy place for all the 4 brushes I "must" have with me. Thanks to this set-up, I don't risk destroying the brushes by having them roll around with the other stuff and they're protected when the bag is folded up.

I'm really starting to feel confident making bags of my own design now, which will be very good for my plan for the quilt retreat is to make some more advanced ones following patters with help from the talented ladies at the retreat, so it feels good to at least have a grip on the basics.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My second Moda Bakeshop Project - Charming Rag Quilt Tutorial

2020 - EDIT: Unfortunately after heir wordpress crash this tutorial is no longer available on Moda Bakeshop, however, it is available for FREE in my Facebook group

I'm so happy to be sharing my second Moda Bakeshop project with you all, while honestly much less exciting then my first reveal, it's still quite fun I think and it does have some key differences in how it's made (no cutting and perfectly fitting in batting squares) from the number of other Rag projects that's been presented over there lately.  In my defense through, this quilt was finished in December and by then no other Rag Quilt projects at all had been presented there. ;)

It's finally "Christmas in July" over at the MBS and I get to show it too you! Can you imagine how hard it's been for me to not tell anyone about this quilt or show it off for over 7 months?

It's made with Holly Taylor's Northern Cardinal fabric, while far away from my usual cheery color scale this quilt is absolutely perfect for our living room. The muted colors of brown, beige, and forest green made it a lovely addition to our couch during the winter. I'm also super excited with the pictures as it's so very "Malta" colored and matched perfectly with the sand stone everything is made from here. =)

It's a little weird photographing a Christmas quilt when the weather says full on summer. Got a lot of strange looks that day, dragging my quilt around, hanging it up in all kinds of places trying to get the perfect main picture for the tutorial.

Please take a look at the tutorial for this quilt here: Tutorial at Moda Bakeshop

I'd be so happy if you'd leave a comment over there, and if you decide to make one of these quilts based on the tutorial (or any of my other tutorials), I'd be even happier if you sent me an email with a photo so I can show it off here on the blog =)

This project originally came from my first full size rag quilt, that one you can see here.