Friday, April 15, 2011

Winding Wines Tablerunner

So since the weather isn't cooperating for outdoor pictures of the Companion Cube Quilt and I'm currently working on some secrets so I can't share in progress pictures - I figured I's show you an old table runner I did a few years back that I just love. It's a really fun project to do as the possibilities are endless with this technique, the downside is that it requires a LOT of thread ^^

I love the wine fabric, I have enough fabric to make something else with it and I think I have to use it soon as this poor table runner will be so sun bleached and washed up that they won't match otherwise =)


  1. Vad fint. Minner mig om Våmhus......det var ju ett av alla " virus" som bröt ut :o)

  2. Mig också, kan knappt vänta på att få se vad årets virus ska bli =)

  3. I really love the look of this table runner. Did you create this yourself or was it a pattern from somewhere else? If you created it, I would LOVE to see a tutorial of this. Using alot of thread doesn't scare me away. lol It is beautiful.


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