Monday, April 11, 2011

Guess what's tumbling?

The compaion cube is finally quilted, binding has been sewn on and it's in the tumble dryer.Tomorrow if the weather is nice, I'll get some pictures of it.

Below you can see one of the reasons why quilting takes so much time for me. When my princess decides to use my WIP as a place for her washing up and a catnap, what can I do but work on something else in the meantime? =)

My beautiful Diana who rules our house and my heart with a silk covered iron paw.

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  1. Hon är ju sååå vacker, prinsessan! Det är ju bara så att när hon har parkerat sig så då gör man nåt annat ett tag. Men jag gissar att det inte fattas göra. Ska bli spännande att se quilten när den har torkat klart.


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