Sunday, April 17, 2011

Companion Cube Quilt - His

It's finally finished! 3 days before Portal 2 I'm finally able to reveal my masterpiece! Finished at 56x56 inches =)

Ca 600 3" individually pieced solid squares of Kona cotton later it's done, each little pixel separate and carefully joined. It's batting is a very light, bright white cotton batting so he is to be able to make use of it most of the year here in the heat. The backing is all Kona White but with a bit of FMQ writing in the right hand corner:

Andreas with his quilt, we choose a blue for the heart as close to "Portal Blue" as we could:

Can't wait to get started on min which will have a pink heart like the original: 

 It was very windy today when we tried to take these pictures and we got a lot of failed attempts, please see my foot and guess what happened after this picture was taken ^^

The original pixel layout for the cube quilt came from this beautiful cross stitched pin by pixel8bit :


  1. Vad fin den blev!=) Är den så stor som den ser ut att vara?

  2. Awww, tack! <3
    Den är 140x140, så en lagom lapquilt ^^


  3. Så läcker den blev.........hmmmmm.....föll du??? och om du gjorde det.......hur gick det?
    ps...GLAD PÅSK!!

  4. Jepp, trillade av kanten, det gick bara bra, jag var mest orolig för quilten =)

    Glad Påsk! =)

  5. what a wonderful quilt! i like it more than the original stiched version.


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