Sunday, January 30, 2011

I did it! =D

My postage stamp quilt top is finished in time for the deadline of the quilt along! I'm so happy with it, the design is not something I would have tried on my own I think and it was so much fun (and just a teeny tiny bit frustrating ^^) to put it together. The Bliss line is so beautiful even if not my normal color scale. Now I just have to get the backing fabric and I'm ready to quilt it.

My sincerest thanks to the amazing Rachel of for putting this together for us! It's been so much fun to participate. <3


  1. That came out great. I'm excited to see how you will quilt it. Bet a kitty would love to help when you start assembling the layers :>)

  2. Thank you! I'm debating some different stuff for the quilting actually. By the time my backing fabric arrives I'll probably have been to Sweden and picked up my *drumroll* BRAND NEW sewing machine! =)
    So maybe I'll try some FMQ, but depending on how the practice runs with that goes s I've never tried it, I might just end up going with some kind of grid...

    I usually have tons of help when it comes to basting yes, hiding underneath the quilt is so much fun! XD

  3. Denna quilt är ju bara så superfin!!


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