Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy Rainforest goes both ways ^^

So a dear friend is visiting us (hence not much happening in the sewing department right now) and I had to set up the spare bedroom. As I did so I really felt sorry that I couldn't use my Crazy Rainforest quilt on the spare bed anymore since it was a single bed quilt and this new bed was queen size. However, as it turned out, it goes both ways I think ^^

Ok so it looks a little off with the appliqued frog but the room became so warm and cozy with it on top of the bed that I didn't let it bother me too much =) I love this quilt so much, makes me feel so happy whenever I look at it.


  1. Åh, så fint!! Är det där vi ska sova när vi kommer? Den passade alldeles ypperligt där och det gjorde rummet mer levande och inbjudande, tycker jag. Kramisar

  2. Japp det är det! <3
    Tack, det tycker jag också, blev ett helt annat rum när den kom dit =)


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