Thursday, January 13, 2011

All strips finished!

All strips are now finished! Can barely wait for the next steps to be posted so I get to continue, luckily I have a secret project I'm working on so that keeps me busy for now =)

On another note, the little monster, now named "Darth Pjutin" living in our bathroom is so very cuddly, but still very scared and isn't really comfortable with use humans yet. He hisses every time I get close and whenever I'm about to pat him but as soon as I start cuddling he's like melting butter, he relaxes and falls a sleep purring or can barely contain himself and presses against my hand for more scratching and pats. I washed his face yesterday and got to snap a few close up pictures without him getting too upset with me, isn't he adorable! But you can see he doesn't really trust the camera that close to him ^^
The vet was here a few days ago and gave us worm pills, frontline and some prescriptions which I have yet to fill as I have no idea how to find the vet pharmacy in the Maltese village I'd never heard of... So I'm waiting for my friend to get healthy so she can take me XD
However, Pjutin wouldn't let the vet anywhere near him and went all crazy, hissing, spitting and fencing so the vet couldn't exactly do a proper examination, luckily my description from my own checks and the fact that he was hissing so big you could see what he had for breakfast, the vet could conclude that he was just malnourished, infested with fleas, ticks and everything else that crawls but no other kind of infections most likely. The wormpills where no trick to get into him by hiding it in his food and the frontline was applied under a snuggling session so now we wait and see =)


  1. Spännande...vad ska det bli?
    Katten ser då gullig ut.

  2. Det ska bli en "postage stamp quilt", dvs. en hel massa 2 inch rutor bara, väldigt enkelt och snabbt =)

    Här är första posten från Rachel där hon har en konceptbild på sin färdiga quilt:

    Kissen är urgo, kommer bli en rikgtig goskatt om några månader. =)


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