Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dual Zipper Baggies & Christmas Decorations

I made some gifts for my very good friends, one of them got one of these baggies a couple of years ago and she's literally used it to threads! As the creator, you can't get a better grade then that and nothing makes me happier then hearing such, so of course I had to make her a new one =)

Upon receiving it yesterday she immediately moved out of her traditional wallet again and asked if any of us wanted it, as she was going to toss it anyway, really made my night =)

Made one with Bonnie & Camille's Ruby, such a stunning line!  

One was created from the adorable Makeover UK's Patch line my mother sent me, for my dogloving friend.

And a third with Tula Pink, because, it always makes me happy working with her fabrics! And these purples are just too pretty! <3

Had much fun choosing different linings and matching but contrasting zipper pulls. 

Filled them with a little candy before gifting.

Other then this we've Christmas decorated our little home, had mulled wine and gingerbread cookies and listened to a lot of christmas music of course!

As our flat is so small, we have the smallest tree to date, it's adorable! Only 12" <3

And the snowflake star is up and so is the balcony decorations, all the lights makes me so happy!

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