Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bring the Basics Bag - How to Fold the Card Holder

A few people have been confused about how to fold the card holder (the first steps of making the bag) and as it clearly was a little tricky to show this with photos, I decided to make a little video showing exactly how it's done, please enjoy and try not to laugh to hard at me ;)

However, while my skills in this department isn't quite up to par, and my english accent changes according to whom I last spoke to (terribly embarrassing but I just can't stop it!), I found this really fun and such an easy way to show off a technique, so more videos will for sure come =)

I also just have to show you this beautiful Bring the Basics Bag made by one of my amazing pattern testers, Thisgirlissewdestructive on Instagram and you can also find here here on Facebook, isn't it gorgeous!? <3 Love the fabric choices!


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