Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beloved Notions

After hosting the giveaway and reading up on everyones most beloved notions, I just had to share my must haves. Like most of you, my trusty seam ripper is very high on that list =)

Here are my most trusty companions that alway are within an arms reach from my sewing machine. <3

From left to right:
Mechanical Pencil - For marking on dark fabrics.
Frixion pen - For marking on light fabrics and for making notes and sketching for pattens.
Sewline Gluestick - For all troublesome things that need a little temporary hold, like when sewing zippers it's such a good tool!
Gütermann Glue - For evertying that need to stick and stick permanently, I glue everything when I make bags, totally my best friend this one! <3
Bent Tweezers - for everything from turning fabrics, poking out corners, holding fabrics when sewing and for cleaning lint out of the machine.
Clover Seam Ripper - So very sharp and nice to hold.
Clover Awl - For guiding fabric.

Top row:
Clover Clips - Big and small clover clips I just can't live without! I love how they're marked on the see through side for folding, hems and the like - fantastic! And when sewing bags they're invaluable for holding fabrics you can't pin and for seams that pins easily would distort due to many layers.
Metal Thimble - Can't hands sew a single stitch without this one!

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  1. Yes yes! I too am a glue lover! But def have to admit, i just use elmers glue sticks for all my gluing...sooooooo much cheaper than other glues. But glue is a bag making girls best friend for sure!


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