Thursday, July 4, 2013

The "Bia Bag" =)

During this years quilting retreat I made myself a much needed bag. Since I couldn't find a pattern that suited my needs, I made it up as I went along. Customizing my design for my needs perfectly, resulting in my most loved bag to date! It's just perfect and as it's made from oilcloth it is therefore rather waterproof, it can just be wiped off when it gets a little dingy or gets salt stains from the sea. =)

It has a zipper that extends beyond the edges to allow me to fully open it up and see what's inside while still providing theft protection as no one can simply slide a hand into it while closed, nor will stuff fall out if it tips over.

The insides are perfected for keeping all my junk in check, specialized pockets for phone, lip gloss, pens, nose spray, compact etc ^^

It also has many pockets on the outside for easy access to necessities. I also love the handles I found at Ankis, they had the perfect length to keep my stuff safely tucked under my arm, and as the whole bag is rather thin, it doesn't get bulky despite their rather conservative length. Just the way I want it!

I also made a matching wallet and little zippered bag, but I'll show you those a little later along with the other stuff I made during the week ^^

This years quilting retreat with my mother, was for the first time held by the lovely Anki from Kinnas Sy. There were 10 of us there and we had an absolutely lovely time, thank you so very much Anki and everyone, I had a blast! The only problem was that 1 week is much to short! <3 Love you all!


  1. What a gorgeous bag! You are really a wonderful seamstress too. It looks like one of those designer bags. I really don't remember when or how I started following you but I'm so glad I did! I just wish you had a pattern for that bag as I'm not that good to design and make something like that myself. Beautiful bag and beautiful job!

  2. Fabulous bag - I love all the pockets!

  3. Den är fantastisk! Kan inte bli bättre! Perfekt storlek, bra antal fack och fickor, grymt snyggt utsidestyg.....ja, allt är helt perfekt!

  4. Underbar väska med tillhörande tillbehör! Helt perfekt!! Immi

  5. Underbar väska med tillhörande tillbehör! Helt perfekt!! Immi


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